As a professional property management company, Paul Langley Company provides a complete range of ongoing financial and administrative services. We provide daily property manager functions to ensure you are free of the burdens of operating your investment properties. This makes it easy for you to invest in real estate. You enjoy the benefits of having a professional and experienced property manager oversee your investment property.

At Paul Langley Company we currently manage multi-unit apartment buildings, retail commercial properties, multi use buildings, and office space. We manage properties in San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Houston, Texas.

Property Management Services:

  • Initial and periodic property evaluation and planning.
  • Establish and maintain good tenant relations.
  • Collect rents, rental deposits, and late fees.
  • Obtain multiple bids on larger projects.
  • Arrange for, supervise, and manage maintenance, repairs, and projects.
  • Review all invoices submitted directly or by resident managers. Dispute charges when appropriate.
  • Provide bookkeeping with monthly-computerized financial reports.
  • Initiate evictions when necessary.
  • Work with attorneys on contested evictions.
  • Send monthly proceeds checks to owners.
  • Property Leasing Services:

  • Provide marketing including effective advertising.
  • Show vacancies, have Open Houses when called for.
  • Obtain credit applications and collect fees.
  • Review credit reports, then obtain employment verification.
  • Obtain previous landlord references if possible.
  • Review all invoices submitted directly or by resident managers. Dispute charges when appropriate.
  • Provide professional lease agreements drafted for the type of property involved such as commercial, industrial, office space, residential units noting whether or not rent controlled.
  • Review all invoices submitted directly or by resident managers. Dispute charges when appropriate.
  • Provide separate garage rental agreements.
  • Obtain separate pet agreements if allowed.
  • Explain and call for tenant insurance policies.
  • Execute leases and other documents.
  • Conduct on site pre leasing (walk through) inspections before handing over possession.
  • Conduct walk through inspections when the unit is vacated and withhold deposit funds when required.
  • Obtain acknowledgement of receipt of forms, for lead paint, smoke detectors, earthquake pamphlets, etc.
  • To ensure streamlined and efficient day-to-day property management and to provide clients with detailed knowledge of their investments, we utilize an AppFolio property management system. This system allows us to view a detailed snapshot of your real estate investment’s management and accounting. Our objective is to work efficiently, deliver superior services, cut costs, and show you how to maximize your investments.

    As an integral part of our property management services we will provide you with monthly (or even more frequent) detailed reports of your investments. Our bonded and insured bookkeeper handles all income deposits and pays all expenses with computer-generated checks that require two (2) signatures. Blank computer checks are kept in a safe that only the bookkeeper has access to.

    As your property manager we ensure that any vacancies are prepared for rental, then advertised and effectively marketed. We show vacant units to potential new tenants, and process written applications. We then obtain credit reports and verify tenant income and employment.

    We will then prepare commercial, residential, and other appropriate lease contracts for signatures and collect deposits and advance rent(s).

    Before a tenant takes possession, we, along with the tenant, perform a move- in inspection. A written inspection checklist is provided and signed by the tenant. This ensures that when a tenant moves out, any deficiencies are duly noted and the cost of such repair(s) are charged to the tenant’s account and / or deducted from security deposits.

    When you engage Paul Langley Company as your property manager your investments will be continuously visited and monitored. We are ready to discuss other details and answer your questions before we begin.

    For more information, please contact us today to start discussing how we can help reduce the stress of managing your properties and maximize the income from your investment. We truly love managing property, and it shows!